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The Bostonian Godfather

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Section twizzleizzle, Articizzle Tizzle: Note Tizzle: When a mo-fukin beyotch is holding the bizzall to pass it forward yo, any intentionalizzle-dizzle forward movement of his arm, G, starts a fizzoward pizzle, even if da beyotch, son loses possessizzle dizzle of da bizzle as he is mo-fukin attempting to tizzuck it bizzack toward dat bitches bizzody, son. Also mo-fuka, if da beyotch has tizzucked the bizzall into his mo-fukin bizzody and then loses possessizzle-dizzle-nizzle, it is a fumble-izzle dizzle, son. Y'all bitches betta recognize, or we serve yo ass wit a mo-fukin Nikon Beyotch. Belieedat. Word Life.

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